Elderly care.

I recently discovered that Which?  provides information regarding elderly care. It is a very good synopsis of the types of care and  benefits that are available. However,  I felt it implied that to find private support the elderly person or couple had to become the employer, with all that that entails. There was no mention of “Micro-Providers.

We work mostly as individuals or in small groups to provide individualised care and support, not only for the elderly though that is a large part of our clientele, but for other members of the community who need a helping hand. The onus of an employer to pay National Insurance and Taxes does not occur.

We provide our own Public Liability Insurance  and DBS Certificates, and we register with HMRC  for Tax and National Insurance .

I found no links to providers, such as County Council Registers, Micro-provider Community Catalyst registers, nor other important links to sites like Small Good Stuff which provide national registers of support/carers.

I have written to Which? as I felt we had been undervalued as a work force and the important work we do within our communities underrated. I will keep you informed of any reply I may receive.



Pet Care

Our animals play an important role in our lives. Aside from their known therapeutic roles, our pets have a beneficial effect on our health. They are valued members of our families and whatever age we are, enhance our well-being. Clients who need support often are concerned regarding their pets. I am sharing my trio for you to see here and I am happy to include your pets care into your individualised package of support.